What Does Your Kitchen Say???

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Magnetic Cloth Banners for Refrigerators and Front Security Gate Doors. (We have products available for Pride Week Shoppers)

Cook 4 Cat

Kitchen Banner for those Wonderful Cat Lovers.

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Dont Duck Quack

Duck Quack Statement. Fun. Comes in blue letterhead. Great for gifts.

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Military magnetized banner for kitchens. Made of cotton fabrics.

Magnetic can stick to refrigerator and/or security screen doors.

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Perfect gift for Navy Wife. Comes in landscape only. Fully magnetized for use on refrigerators and front iron doors.

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Real Mexican Food

Favorite for Mama's Kitchen. Only real mexican food is cooked in her kitchen.

Real Mexican Food

Black Lives Really Matters

Representing in Red and Blue to bring all communities together

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Second Amendment Mom Lavender

Colorful and washable. All Magg Banns come in 9 x 13

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Soccer Mom Green

100% cotton with green prints

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Colored Codes Statement. Magnetized banner

Encompasses All Lives in One Statement


Kitchen Pride Magnetized Statement Banners for Refrigerator Doors

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Louisiana Style

Showing what makes The State of Louisiana so great. Good Food and Good teams.

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What is Love

Great gift for friends. Comes in 3 styles

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