Top 10 Most Cluttered Bathrooms and Solutions To Unclutter Them

In no particular order these cluttered bathrooms have a solution.

There are solutions to cluttered bathrooms and I provide some insight on what can be done if your bathroom looks like the following.


#1 This bathroom has both cabinet and drawers so its no need to have excess clutter on the counter space. I recommend utilizing a makeup case that can be set inside the drawers when done. You can also find small counter top containers at where else container store near you.


#2 This counter isn't really in that bad of shape but could be organized by type of product with the smaller products in front and the smaller products in the back.

#3 Hey what more can I say this bathroom is clean but at the same time cluttered. Since it does not have any cabinets or drawers. It can definitely use some shelf love. A larger stacked shelf that can slide between the toilet and the bath tub would be the perfect fit. This would also allow you to view all your products as you enter the bathroom.

#4 You know things are a mess when you start placing things on the floor. Some of these items can be placed in the drawers.  As many small bathrooms do not have this option one should take full advantage of its availability. Simply put use your drawers.

#5 Its small counters like this where storage space is a real necessity. I would utilized a knob2knob bathroom door  storage pouch to store some of the bigger items on. By using knob2knob you will be-able to access most of the items within arms reach while having those same items hidden behind the door. Shop Knob2Knob

#6 This is a real mess. There are racks that fit atop of the toilet to help create some space. A knob-2-knob storage would also serve the need of this small bathroom. Then you will have time to clean this place lol. Shop Knob2Knob

cluttered bathroom #2

#7 Can you really be mad at this one. The items on this counter are daily and necessary but that does not mean it cannot be organized. As stated earlier larger items to the back and smaller items to the front.

#8 HELP.... I don't really understand this one. Counter top storage units are the only real answer for this clutter. Since there are so many cosmetics the only solution would be to purchase counter top racks. Bath and Beyond would be a great start.

#9 Many of these items can be placed on a knob-2-knob storage unit which would allow more space for the multiple appliances. I would recommend searching for some kind of wall shelf for the appliances to keep them up and away from the sink. Shop Knob2Knob

#10 Make up racks are necessary. The real problem is the organization. Taking some time out to organize makes the bathroom look better and will make you feel better.

cluttered bathroom #3


Article by Cachebandz  September 16, 2021