About Us

Cache Bandz was created by Interior & Product Designer Kevin Murphy in December  2019. The idea of Cache Bandz was to help homeowners and renters with interior design in the areas with kitchen cabinets. The thought was to create a new and cheaper alternative to kitchen remoldeling. This is where the idea of Designer Kitchen Cabinet Covers were born. We then expanded our thinking to create a better over-the-door storage unit. What we created has become known as Door Bandz. We now focus on all doors for both homes and businesses to enhance the look of all doors with fashionable fabric covers. Our mission is simple. Bring fashionable looks to all doors in your life. Since then we have utilized our vision and created additional products like Magg Bann's a cloth magnetized banner for refrigerators and iron doors. We are also proud to have created the first ever Knob-2-Knob door storage unit to give extra storage space for those small items in small places in particular bathrooms. Our work is never done and more exciting products are in the works.