Knob2Knob For Bedroom Doors | Sun Tan | Cachebandz

Knob2Knob For Bedroom Doors | Sun Tan | Cachebandz

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Knob2Knob For Bedroom Doors | Sun Tan | Cachebandz

How to Set-Up Knob2Knob in 30 seconds (Video)

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Knob 2 Knob storage is made for all doors in your home or office

  • Back of Bathroom Door Storage

  • Back of Bedroom Door Storage

  • Back of Living Room Door Storage

  • Garage Door Storage

  • Small Bathroom Storage

  • Storage Pouch

  • Storage Pockets

  • Door Storage Unit

  • Office Door Storage

  • Laundry Room Door Storage

  • Half Bathroom Storage for Accessories

  • Half Bathroom Storage for Cosmetics

  • Front Door Storage Pockets

  • Storage pockets For Closet Doors

  • Bathroom Door Storage Styles

  • Halloween Candy Pockets and Pouches For Trick or Treat to be used on  Screen Doors for social distancing.

  • All storage pockets are made to be simple and easy to setup allowing you to have the best storage experience.



How to Set-Up Knob2Knob (Video)

See All Knob2Knob Styles

Dimensions: (Standard Door) 28 x 8 multiple pockets from 2 x 5 to 5 x 5. 

Dimensions: (Half Bath Door) 22 x 8 multiple pockets from 2 x 5 to 5 x 5. 

Sizes of pockets can vary depending on material and model.

Recommended weight limit about 3lbs

Knob 2 Knob Storage Pockets are made exclusively for doors. 

All storage pockets are handmade and come in multiple fabric patterns. 

Perfect for small bathrooms with limited counter space.

Uses of knob2knob Include:

Travel Pack: Simply detach from door knobs. Rolled it up with products still in pouch and take with you on a trip.

Bathroom Doors:  store cosmetics, smart phones, beauty supplies, medication...

Bedroom Door Storage:  tablets, flashlights, wallets, chargers, remotes...

Living Room Door Storage: Keys, mail... 

Garage Door Storage: lightweight tools...

Office Door Storage: office supplies, mail,